24" Rope Ties - 12/Pack - Blue

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Quick release mechanism makes removing from your laundered shirts simple to do.

24" quick-release Rope Ties eliminates shaking out shirts which dramatically reducing your presser’s time by minimizing tangled shirts. The quick-release closure makes it even easier to bundle shirts and remove rope ties. Plus, Rope Ties give you a heavier drop in the wash which means cleaner cuffs and collars without scrubbing. They take up less room than loose or netted shirts, so you can fit more shirts in every load. Available in a variety of colors. The different colors indicate different starch classifications. 12 rope ties per pack.


  • Different colors indicate different starch classifications
  • Eliminates need for mesh bags
  • Puts an end to tangled shirts
  • Eliminates shaking out shirts
  • quick release

Product Specifications

Brand: Cleaner's Supply
Units: 12/Pack
Size / Dimension: 24" L x 1 3/8" W
Material: Nylon Cord
Special Instructions: Rope Ties withstand dry clean or laundry process.
Additional Information:
Why would I consider using the RT100’s or RT200's over the brass rope ties that you offer?
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1. Easier to secure so shirts won’t come loose 2. Polyester string verses cotton, let’s water penetrate for better cleaning action 3. Dramatically increase mechanical action gets a cleaner shirt 4. Mechanical action is directed to collars and cuffs no more scrubbing collars 5. No more tangled sleeves makes unloading easier and faster 6. Stop using mesh bags and pins 7. When shirts are tied together you can’t damage sleeves when pulling the load (damage claims go down) Customers sometime ask, “Do shirts come out clean when they are tied in logs?” Actually, tied shirts come out cleaner, like a log going over a waterfall, the shirt logs drop from the top of the basket, maximizing the mechanical action to keep the shirt cleaner, brighter.
  • logologo Staff
How many shirts should be bundled together in the rope ties?
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We recommend no more than 7, however, they “come in varying lengths (18”, 24” and 36”) so that the number of shirts in a bundle can be adjusted.
  • logologo Staff
Is there a way to keep shirts from getting tangled together in the wash?
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We recommend either mesh bags or rope ties. Rope Ties wrap around the tops and bottoms of shirts to bundle them. They cut down production time due to the fact that the shirts stay more organized when washed. With less tangled shirts they are easier to separate from one another.
  • logologo Staff

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