Size 00 Cotton Piping Drapery Cord - 1,500 yds. x 1/8" - White

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Strengthen and improve durability.

Cotton piping drapery cord is used for both light and heavy-weight fabrics. Used in seams of seats or cushions to strengthen and improve durability. Comes in one 10 pound reel. Available in white only and in a variety of sizes. DRP-300 is 4/32" (3mm), contains 1,500 yards, size 00. DRP-301 is 5/32" (4mm), contains 1,320 yards, size 0. DRP-302 is 6/32" (5mm), contains 1,110 yards, size 1. DRP-303 is 8/32" (6mm), contains 800 yards, size 2. DRP-304 is 10/32" (8mm), contains 400 yards, size 3. DRP-305 is 12/32" (10mm), contains 280 yards, size 4. DRP-306 is 16/32" (13mm), contains 190 yards, size 5. DRP-307 is 22/32" (17mm), contains 100 yards, size 6. DRP-308 is 1" (25mm), contains 55 yards, size 7.


  • Used for both light and heavy-weight fabrics
  • Used in seams of seats or cushions
  • Strengthen and improves durability
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Comes in one 10 pound reel

Product Specifications

Units: Each
Size / Dimension: 1,500 Yds. L x 4/32" (1/8") W
Material: Cotton
Additional Information:
Can it be used for macrame projects?
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Yes, it could be used for that application.
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