Bridal Keepsafe Gold Acid-Neutral Wedding Gown Boxes - 30" x 21" x 8" - 3/Pack

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If you compare our gold Bridal Keepsafe box side-by-side with all the other boxes available today, you'd agree that this is definitely the most elegant and durable. All bridal Keepsafe boxes include acid-free tissue paper, bust form, sturdy outer box and customer care card. Available in a variety of pack sizes. 3 pack comes already assembled, the 6 pack requires assembly.


  • Includes acid-free tissue paper, bust form, sturdy outer box and customer care card
  • Available in a variety of pack sizes

Product Specifications

Brand: Bridal Keepsafe®
Units: 3/Pack
Size / Dimension: 30" L x 21" W x 8" H
Material: Cardboard & Assorted Materials
Additional Information:
Bridal Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box Care Card

Customer Care Card

Included with all Bridal Keepsafe® Boxes. This card tells your customers how to further protect and care for their gown.

Bridal Keepsafe Boxes Include:

Bridal Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box Tissue Paper

Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Bridal Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box Bust Form

Bust Form

Bridal Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box Outer Shipping Box

Sturdy Outer Box

Can you please explain step by step how to put in a wedding dress in the box?
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1. Insert Bust Form to fill out the bodice. 2. Line the box bottom with tissue paper. 3. Lay the BODY of gown over tissues, FACE DOWN, with the waist extending past the top front edge of the box. 4. Line up tissues on both side edge of the box, fold both sides of the gown lengthwise until they fit nicely in the box. Put sheet of tissues between the folds to pad them. 5. Now fold the bottom of the gown into the box, again putting tissue between all folds to avoid sharp creases. 6. Fold the top of the gown over into the box, FACE UP. Adjust to make sure the bodice is centered. 7. Use crumpled tissue papers to fill out bodice and uneven areas. If there are sleeves, stuff them as well and place nicely around bodice. Be creative! 8. Finish by using more of crumpled stuffing to cushion the sleeves, and whole bodice so that they are secured in the box. The dress should not have any room to move within the box. 9. Now put on the crystal clear oval viewing window if available.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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