Duran PTFE Gasket For Boiler Glass

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Gaskets for boiler glass replacement.

Replacement boiler glass gaskets made from PTFE. PTFE lasts longer than rubber and forms a better seal when hot. Measures 0.79" x 0.79" x 0.31".


  • Replacement PTFE Gasket
  • Sold individually

Product Specifications

Brand: Duran
Units: Each
Material: PTFE
How do you install these?
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For best results: 1. Slide one washer over each end of the glass. 2. Install the glass between the fixtures making sure the washers are inserted into the fixtures as far as they will go. 3. Tighten the upper and lower sight glass nut hand tight. 4. With a wrench continue to tighten the nuts until they are snug being careful not to over tighten. 5. After the boiler is fired check for leakage. 6. If leakage occurs re-tighten the sight glass nut with a wrench in quarter turn increments until leak stops. Avoid this operation while the glass is under pressure in case it should break. When the PTFE gets hot it will become pliable creating a reliable seal.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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