Laser Trap Tester

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Hard to reach traps are easy to test.

Laser Trap Tester is used for testing steam traps with dual lasers. Features an infrared temperature range of -58 to 986 degrees Fahrenheit. Can read a temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and has a response time of 1 second. It will auto shut off after 15 seconds and included one 9 volt battery.


  • Gives accurate reading of the temperature inside of pipes
  • Point to area of the pipe before or after trap then squeeze the trigger
  • Digital display
  • Requires one 9-volt battery (included)

Product Specifications

Brand: Metris
Units: Each
Material: Various
Special Instructions: Temperature Range - 58F to 986F (-50C to 530C)
Additional Information:
What is the significant drop referred to in the post? Can you provide what one would expect to see on the inlet pipe and outlet pipe to determine if the trap is working properly? Finally, when aiming at the top of the trap is there a temperature one should expect in the above example?
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There is typically a drop of about 50 degrees from the inlet side to the outlet side. The temperature on the inlet would vary depending on the pressure of steam going to that trap. The steam pressure will vary at different locations in the plant. A dry clean machine works at a lower pressure than a shirt press machine works at, for example.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff
Why are there 2 red lights coming from the Laser Trap Tester?
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The lights help determine how accurate the temperature reading is. The temperature being read is the surface area between the 2 red lights. If you bring the gun closer to the are being read, the lights will move closer and closer until they become 1 red light- at this point you are getting the best reading.
  • logologo Staff
How does the Laser TrapTester™ work?
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The Laser TrapTester™ is designed to measure temperatures. There is a correlation between steam pressure and temperature. If a trap is working properly, typically there is a drop in pressure from the inlet pipe to the outlet pipe, thus a significant drop in temperature. The Laser TrapTester™ is easy to use, just point the laser to the outlet pipe and read the digital temperature reading. If there is little to no change in temperature from the inlet pipe to the outlet pipe, this would indicate that the steam trap is allowing steam to “blow through” as opposed to collecting and releasing condensate only. *Please note: The Laser TrapTester should never be pointed into an individual’s eyes.
  • logologo Staff

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