Thermopatch Ink Ribbons For 10-Character Machines - 6/Box

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Theromopatch is the reliable marking system that keeps you organized.

Replacement ink ribbons for the reliable 10 character Thermopatch machine. Ribbons are wrapped in plastic and also come with 2 disposable gloves. Each ribbon is made with black indelible ink to withstand during the cleaning process. Measures 2-3/8" x 2". Sold in boxes of 6. Thermopatch keeps you organized!


  • Replacement ribbons for 10 character machines
  • Ribbons are wrapped in plastic
  • Comes with 2 disposable gloves
  • Black indelible ink

Product Specifications

Brand: Thermopatch
Units: 6/Box
Size / Dimension: 2" L x 2 3/8" W
Material: Various
Additional Information:
Where can I purchase a Thermopatch® Machine?
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Call Thermopatch® at 1-800-252-6555.
  • logologo Staff
What Thermopatch™ items does Cleaner’s Supply™ carry and how are they used?
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Cleaner’s Supply™ offers the following: -Ribbon Rite Mark II Ink Ribbons- There are different sizes depending on the whether the person has the 6, 10, or 16 character model. It’s a vertical fee, indelible black ink. This ink is printed directly onto the garments, or on tags fed into the machine. -Y140 Thermoseal Ink Ribbon- Used on the temporary identification system, it’s a black indelible ink ribbon that prints on the thermoseal tape rolls. -Y140/ Y126 Tape rolls- Used for the temporary identification system, after being printed on, these adhere firmly to the garment being checked in, but peel off the garment after being processed. -Ribbon Rite Dry Ink Ribbons- These are permanent black ink ribbons made to last for the life of the garment. It’s used with Ribbon- Rite Tagomatic, Tagolectic, and Thermoseal ID machines.
  • logologo Staff
What are Thermopatch™ ribbons and tape used for?
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Thermopatch Corporation manufactures products to aid in the labeling and mending of garments. The marking systems manufactured can be used for temporary or permanent labeling of clothes. Cleaner’s Supply™ carries a couple of the ribbons and tapes need to work in their machines. If interested in purchasing a Thermopatch™ machine, you can reach them at their website: www.thermopatch.com.
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