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What are advantages and disadvantages to using staples, safety pins, or Dennison fasteners?

Safety pins are readily available for purchase at Cleaner’s Supply™. Their sharp points make it easy to tag garments as well as protects the fibers of the fibers of the material. The heads are strongly attached providing secure pinning. With their lasting spring tension, safety pins are reusable to the dry cleaners that choose to remove the tags for their customers. They are also nickel-plated which provides to extra protection to the garment. The disadvantage to using a safety pin is that these are more expensive than staples or fasteners. It is slower to tag and de-tag garments using this method. The people who tag clothes using this method have a greater chance of poking their fingers. And from time to time, safety pins may come open in the dry cleaning or laundering process. Staples provide an inexpensive, quick, and secure way of tagging clothes. With different styles to choose from, the person tagging will be able to find one that is comfortable for them to use on a daily basis. The disadvantage to using staples is that staple barbs can snag fabrics when in machines. Staple guns are easy to misplace, and because they are used so regularly they are often dropped and break. Staples are more difficult to remove and can damage garments when removing tags. The advantage to using a Dennison fastener is that it’s fast, relatively inexpensive, and because it uses a sharp needle to apply the tags, there is little to no damage of the garments being tagged. The fasteners provide a strong attachment, which ensures proper sorting of orders. The fasteners break apart easily when pressure is applied. They are typically made of nylon or polypropylene that means they will not rust on the garment. The main disadvantage is that the guns are delicate, and with frequent handling, they are often dropped and may become misalign. Or if dropped, the needle may break and will need to be replaced. There is also an increased risk of the user’s fingers being poked by the gun’s needle.