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What would be a good way to notify employees of the special needs of a garment?

There is a couple of tools that could be used. Cleaner’s Supply™ carried 4 different colors of garment tape. When applied to a garment, different colors could notify the employee of stains, repairs, represses, etc. The tape easily adheres to the garment, but me removed before laundering or dry cleaning. Our tape dispenser (DIS-1) will hold all 4 colors making the tape more organized and easily accessible. Identification stickers would work in much the same way; they come in a dispenser box and can adhere to the invoice or the garment itself to notify the employee of the special needs of the garment. Because they are clearly printed, there is less chance of misunderstandings. These must be removed prior to laundering or dry cleaning. Instruction tags are another way to alert the employee of the needs of the garment. They come in many bright colors, are wet-strength tags that will withstand the laundry and dry cleaning processes, and they are printed with black indelible ink. These need to be pinned, fastened, or stapled into the garment.