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How do you assemble a wedding gown in a wedding gown box?

Follow these steps: 1. The assembly area should be clean and the assembler's hands should be cleaned and dried. 2. Select the proper sized box. The box should be able to hold the gown with as little folds as possible. 3. The box should be lined with acid free tissue, and extra tissue should be added to the bottom of the box to provide support. 4. The gown should spread out, smoothed and seams straightened. 5. When folding, the folds in the gown should be cushioned with acid free tissue. 6. Place the gown in the box. 7. The acid free bust form is inserted into the gown. 8. The tissue is then stuffed into the sleeves, to prevent permanent creases. 9. Put tissue in the remaining areas of the box. 10. Insert the window frame and close the box.