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Why does water leak from my all steam iron?

There are a few reasons why this might happen. The following are some trouble shooting suggestions: 1) Check to make sure that the small nut at the top of the rocker (or base of thumb lever) isn’t too tight. Loosen this nut slightly while the iron is hot- pushing the thumb lever periodically till the steam flow is sufficient. 2) Make sure that the steam supply and steam return hoses have not been reversed. 3) Make sure there is no water coming through the steam supply line. This line should only have steam – If water is in the line- it will leak though the bottom of the iron. 4) Make sure the return line is working properly. Keep steam supply hose connected, but disconnect steam return hose. Let the return hose fall into pail to collect any water. Press down on thumb switch. A) If iron is giving off a dry steam- then the problem lies in the return line. Check the steam traps and check valve. B)If iron isn’t giving off any steam- check the steam inlet fitting of iron for dirt. If inlet is clogged, steam cannot pass though. The inlet must be cleaned 5) There may be a steam trap problem. Is a thermodynamic trap being used? The thermodynamic trap allows condensate and steam to continually flow. A good thermodynamic trap virtually eliminates any water problems. These traps however should be used with a strainer as they have a tendency to clog. 6) Make sure that the exhaust valve is open- and will allow any water to leave back into the return line. 7) When operating the iron, follow these instructions: A) Turn on the steam source B) With iron cold, open the return/ exhaust valve (on back of iron) completely C)When the iron is hot, close the return valve completely and reopen it about 1/8th of a turn. A vacuum is then created which draws moisture into the return line.