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How do you apply the Static Cling Signs (CLI_) to a window?

Follow these instructions for easy installation: 1. Get the necessary items for applying the decal. a. roll of lint free paper b. a razor blade window scraper c. spray bottle with soap mixture- (1 part liquid soap to 40 parts water) d. the window squeegee (included) 2. Thoroughly clean the window, making sure to remove all stubborn dirt. 3. Peel away the paper backing. If you wish to remove the decal in the future, the backing can be saved for storage purposes. 4. Spray the decal and the window generously with the soap mixture. 5. Apply decal while both surfaces are still wet. 6. Smooth the decal on window. Additional mixture may be needed to insure that the decal slides on smoothly. 7. Apply mixture to the back of the decal and smooth from the middle out, with the squeegee, to remove any air that may be trapped under the decal.