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Why would water be leaking from the bottom of the Naomoto HYS-58 (IRN5) steam/electric gravity feed iron?

There are a few simple solutions to solving water problems on this particular iron: A. Make sure that the thumb switch is not being pressed continually. On this iron, the thumb switch is to be pressed using short/ quick pushes. - The reason being that inside this iron is a shallow plate that holds the water and creates the steam. If the thumb switch is continually pressed, the water will fill the shallow plate, overflow, and spill out of the bottom of the iron. B. Make sure that the iron remains horizontal. - If the iron is turned vertically, the water will spill out of the shallow plate and flow through the bottom of the iron. C. When iron is not in use, make sure that the water bottle is turned off at its base. - If the water bottle is kept open, the water may continue to seep into the iron and fill the iron body inside. Keeping the water bottle turned off when not in use will also prolong the life of the iron, as water is a corrosive material. D. At the end of the day, try to get the water out of the silicon hose. - If water sits near the hose nipple and plunger assembly, there is a greater chance of the mechanisms corroding or allowing scale build-up. If there are particles obstructing the plunger assembly, the water may continue to leak into the iron. The plunger assembly area may need to be cleaned out or replaced.