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What could the reasons be that the Naomoto HYS-58 (IRN5) isn’t emitting enough steam?

There could be a few reasons why the iron would not be emitting enough steam: A. Make sure when observing the steam flow of the iron, that this gravity fed iron is not being compared to the steam flow coming from an all-steam iron. – The steam flow coming from an all-steam iron is going to be much greater than that of a gravity fed iron. B. Make sure that the iron is hot enough to emit steam- When the iron is ready for use, the red light on the back of the iron will turn off. C. Make sure that the water bottle is hung from its highest possible point- This will keep the water flowing more efficiently. D. Make sure the water bottle is fully open. E. Make sure there are no kinks or air bubbles in the hose, as this will lessen the amount of steam produced. F. Make sure there is no scale, of dust build up on the bottom of the iron.- Using the tool kit, clean out the steam holes on the bottom of the iron G. Clean the steam chamber. - Take off the heat shield, take off the steam chamber lid and clean out the shallow plate as well as the bottom of steam chamber lid. H. Check the gasket or “O” ring inside the steam chamber and make sure that isn’t damaged. I. Make sure there isn’t dust or debris stuck inside the hose nipple area where the plunger assembly is located. If debris lodged inside it may not be allowing the plunger assembly to open fully and allow the water necessary into the steam chamber. J. If the iron was dropped, this may have caused the problem as well, Take off the back plate and make sure the wires are secure.