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Why is the Cissell ACA1000 iron (IRN1) leaking water with the steam when the thumb switch is depressed?

There could be a couple of reasons why this might occur. With the steam and electricity connected to the iron, remove the hose from iron. At this point, nothing should be leaking, because the thumb switch is not being pressed: 1. If water is leaking from the hose without the thumb switch being depressed, then the lowboy is not seating properly. Replace parts SV-50, SV-51, and SV-11 on the Lowboy. 2. If no steam or water is leaking from the hose, depress the steam button on iron to check the steam quality coming from the hose. a. If only steam is emitted from the hose, but when the hose is connected to the iron water and steam are emitted, then the iron is not maintaining the proper temperature. Replace the thermostat and thermal fuse of the iron (IRN11). b. If steam and water are emitted from the hose, replace the steam trap closest to the Lowboy.