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What are some of the special features of the Jiffy Steamer J4000 (JIF1) model?

This model includes the following: 1. Die cast aluminum housing unit 2. Water level, sediment build-up sight gauge 3. “Preheat” and “Steam” settings 4. Stainless steel boiler tank 5. 1500 watt incoloy heating element 6. 50/60 Hertz electrical system 7. Operates for at least 1.5 hours per filling 8. Includes assembly wrench and funnel 9. 120 volts 10. Made in the USA 11. Dual thermostats 12. Safety wiring feature that shuts off automatically when it becomes dry 13. European hose head design 14. Casters for easy movement 15. Holds 4 quarts of water 16. Hose is 67” long