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1.   What are the features of a TDC Spirax/Sarco Thermodynamic trap (STE6)?
2.   How would a check valve, which is not operating properly, effect a steam trap?
3.   Why would a steam trap be cold?
4.   Why would a steam trap get hot and not release any condensate?
5.   Why would a trap be losing steam if it was just replaced?
6.   What would cause my pressing unit not to heat properly if the trap seems to be working properly?
7.   How can I tell if my steam traps are bad?
8.   How do the Wax TrapTesters™ (TES_) work?
9.   How does the Laser TrapTester™ (TEM1) work?
10.   Why would a trap that seems to be discharging water experience problems when connected to the return line?
11.   Can you use the pressure gauge (PG1) featured in your catalog directly on steam lines?
12.   What is the psi range for the Armstrong 890 steam traps (STE1)?
13.   What would be a reason for the Spring Check Valve (SPR_) not working?
14.   Can the Spring Check Valve (SPR_) be mounted vertically?
15.   How do you use the Perfect Putty (PUT1)?
16.   Can the Perfect Putty (PUT1) be used with “perc”?
17.   Why would a reducing valve have a “rattling” or a “shaking” sound?
18.   What could be a reason that the reducing valves (RV, CRV) will not obtain the proper pressure?
19.   Why would the reducing valve (RV_, CRV_) make strange noises?
20.   How do you install the ¼” thermodynamic trap (STE5)?
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