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21.   How do I service an Overhead Water Gun (CIS2) if it continues to leak when not being used?
22.   What is he difference between a Swing Check Valve (SWI) and a Spring Check Valve (SPR)?
23.   What is the life expectancy of a steam trap?
24.   Does Cleaner’s Supply carry pressure gauge reducing valve installations kits?
25.   What is a thermodynamic disc trap and why would it be necessary?
26.   What does PSI refer to?
27.   What does WOG stand for?
28.   What does WSP refer to?
29.   Can you use the pressure gauge (PG1) featured in your catalog directly on steam lines?
30.   Why do some of the traps have water inside of them when a customer first receives them?
31.   What does a reducing valve do?
32.   What does a steam trap do?
33.   Where should a steam trap be located?
34.   Where is a swing check valve placed in conjunction to a steam trap?
35.   What does the “bucket” in bucket trap refer to?
36.   Where would the water thermometers (THR1 and THR2) be installed? And what is the preferred set up?
37.   Where should a swing check valve (SWI_) be located?
38.   Why would a swing check valve (SWI_) not work properly?
39.   What could be a reason that the pressure reducing valves’ (RV_, CRV_) pressure starts to rise higher that the specified pressure?
40.   Do your Swing Check Valves (SWI_) have a Teflon® disc?
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