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41.   Why would a water gun (CIS1, CIS2, WG1, and WG2) not spray?
42.   How do I service a Pistol Type Water Gun (CIS1) if it continues to leak when not being used?
43.   Why would water leak at the hose connection of a water gun?
44.   Can Reducing Valves (RV or CRV) be installed vertically and horizontally?
45.   What is the size of the thread on the Water Guns (WG1)?
46.   Why would I need a Water Gun Adapter (WG4)?
47.   What is the disc made up of in your Spring Check Valves (SPR)?
48.   What are the Cash-Acme Reducing Valves (CRV-) preset at?
49.   What is the psi range on the ¼” Thermodynamic Traps (STE5, STE7, STE8)?
50.   On the Cash Reducing Valve (CRV), how can you tell which end is the inlet and which is the outlet?
51.   Do you carry and sell rebuilt valves?
52.   Could you explain the 3 measurements listed for the Rail Supports (RP20)?
53.   Is there a difference between the Armstrong GD-50 Reducing Valve and the Armstrong GD-45 Reducing Valve (RV1)?
54.   Would the Black Beauty Hose (BKBH-) provide more insulation then the regular Spotting Gun Hose (SG3)?
55.   Can your Spring Check Valves (SPR) be used on the dry cleaning lines that contain Perc?
56.   How could I get a false reading on the Wax Trap Testers (TES)?
57.   Is blowing through the swing check valve (SWI) an accurate way of telling whether or not the valve is closing properly?
58.   Can your reducing valves (RV and CRV) work on air as well as steam?
59.   What can I do to keep my disc trap (STE6) functioning properly?
60.   Why do some valves come with a WSP and WOG rating, and others just talk about the phi ranges?
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