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61.   I’m trying to get a rebate from my electric company; can you tell me if the bucket steam traps are “mechanical”?
62.   Why is my Reducing Valve (CRV-, RV-) making a rattling sound?
63.   How can I tell which size valve I need?
64.   Is our Ball Valves used for steam or water?
65.   Is the Armstrong Reducing Valves (RV1, RV2. RV3) preset?
66.   Can (PUT1) Perfect Putty be used on steam pipes to seal leaks?
67.   Why does my (STE1) Steam trap jingle?
68.   What is the K value of your pipe insulation (INS)?
69.   What is the R value of your pipe insulation (INS)?
70.   Why would my Turbine Pump (PUMP-) loose its prime overnight?
71.   What is the warranty on the Burk’s pumps (PUMP-)?
72.   How do I know what voltage my pump is set at?
73.   Can the boiler glass (BG) be used on boilers as well as vertical return tanks?
74.   Can you tell me what the R and K value is of the fiber glass insulation?
75.   Which Trap Tester (TES-) should I purchase to test my traps?
76.   Will the pump replacement parts which you carry for the 1-phase pumps also work on the 3-phase?
77.   I just installed my new pump (PUMP-), and the shaft is not turning, what is the problem?
78.   I just received my pump (PUMP), and have not installed it because I noticed I can’t get the shaft to turn manually.
79.   I installed the new timer on my suzie and it quit after a few days.
80.   Not sure if you need a Buck or Head Valve?
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