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81.   What is the temperature ranges on the hot water thermometers (THR1 and THR2)?
82.   We have installed our new pump according to the manufacturers’ directions but our pump still will not come on, what did we miss?
83.   Will the United Brass steam trap rebuild kit fit an Armstrong steam trap?
84.   How do I install a buck valve?
85.   Should a steam valve (SVV1) be installed vertically or horizontally?
86.   Steam is leaking out the small pin hole at the top of my reducing valve. Can I plug this hole?
87.   Do I need any special tools to install your pump repair kit (PUMP14, PUMP24, PUMP34)?
88.   I have the 1 ½ HP pump installed for approximately 2 months and it keeps shutting on/off and is running very hot. I have checked the strainer, float valve and check valves for problems but everything seems fine. What else can I check?
89.   How does the ball check valve work?
90.   My ½” float valve is leaking at the front of the valve where the actuating arm is.
91.   Do the head valves require regular lubrication?
92.   Do the Cash Reducing Valves (CRV-) have CSA listing?
93.   Do Armstrong Reducing Valves (RV-) have CSA listing?
94.   If my pump is leaking do I replace the seal or the o-ring?
95.   What else should I replace when changing out the split packing (PRT326) in my spotting board valve?
96.   To fix a steam trap, can you just take the head of the trap off and drop a new one in?
97.   Are your Wrap a Press Insulated Head Covers (IHC) washable.
98.   How do you know where the inlet hole is on the Cash Valve Reducing Valve (CRV)?
99.   Would a bad trap affect the temperature of the equipment?
100.   What does boiler glass (BG-) do?
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