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1.   Why would you order a 30oz flannel as opposed to a 50oz flannel?
2.   What’s the difference between airbags vs. side wings?
3.   On a sleever unit, what is a front wing and rear wing? What do they do?
4.   Why would someone buy an over-sized air bag?
5.   What is the difference between an over-sized and a regular Unipress ABS Sleever Inner Air Bag an Outer Cover?
6.   What is the difference between a double and a single buck?
7.   What function does the vacuum on a shirt unit perform?
8.   What is the difference between a vacuum unit and a clamp unit?
9.   What’s the difference between a lay down unit and a cabinet unit?
10.   Why are some covers High temp fabric and others made of Nylon?
11.   How long should an airbag last on a shirt unit?
12.   How long should covers and pads last?
13.   How do I know when to change the steel pads on my shirt units?
14.   How long can I expect the steel to last on my shirt units?
15.   Do I have to change the steel mesh on both units of my double buck unit?
16.   What would be a reason for more frequent changes of pads and covers?
17.   What is the steel mesh padding made of?
18.   Why do some manufacturers of pads and covers put holes in the flannel?
19.   On the Ajax Units, why do some come without the metal ropes at the collar? What is the metal rope at the collar supposed to accomplish?
20.   What are the features or advantages of Cleaner’s Supply’s Ajax Shirt Pads?
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