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21.   How can I tell whether my Ajax shirt unit is a 20” or an 18” unit?
22.   List the items needed to dress an Ajax Unit.
23.   What are the features or advantages of Cleaner’s Supply’s Unipress Shirt Pads?
24.   When dressing a Unipress Unit, what is the “Velcro boot with mesh” (PP628)?
25.   On the Unipress collar and cuff units, what is a “pleat” cuff cover and pad (PP299)?
26.   What are the features of advantages of Cleaner’s Supply’s Forenta Shirt Pads?
27.   On the Forenta sleever unit, what is a “retention boot”?
28.   On the Sankosha Collar and Cuff Unit, what is the “cuff tuck cover” (PP308)?
29.   What is the best way to remove stubborn starch build-up on a hot head unit?
30.   How do you secure a rope tie (RT_)?
31.   How many shirts should be bundled together in the rope ties (RT_)?
32.   Is there a way to keep shirts from getting tangled together inside a mesh bag?
33.   Why would the vacuum on a shirt unit perform poorly?
34.   Do you have any special instructions for installing Shirt Unit Steel Base Pads?
35.   Do you have any special instructions for installing new Shirt Unit Covers?
36.   Why do the Hoffman Air Bag Covers HSBC-V/ HDBC-V (PP1) have a green colored air bag attached to the side?
37.   Why would flannel padding for laundry units very in thickness if it is always supposed to be a 50oz flannel?
38.   What is the difference between the steel for the Ajax CBBY/ DFB and the Ajax CBBYV/ DFBV?
39.   What is a “Body Bosom” shirt unit?
40.   Will the PP297 work on the Unipress SBT/ DBT shirt units?
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