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41.   Will Nomex® shrink more than Nylon?
42.   Why would I get multiple wrinkles on my shirts after pressing them in my shirt unit, I just changed the steel padding, and my pads and covers are relatively new?
43.   Do you carry the steel padding for the Ajax vacuum or Ajax clamp units?
44.   Are your steel base pads made with stainless steel?
45.   What could cause the sides of a shirt to tear after being used on a shirt unit?
46.   Why would the cover on an Ajax sleever unit start to get brown spots (PP15, PP16)?
47.   What would cause creases in the front of the shirts, when a new air bag is put on as well as new covers and flannels?
48.   What would cause shirts to turn yellow after pressing them on a shirt unit?
49.   Should I purchase an “oversized” or a regular air bag?
50.   How do you install the Collar and Cuff Steel Base Pad for the Ajax CCW (PP614)?
51.   Can Hot Melt (MEL1) be used on galvanized steel?
52.   What is the difference between the PP150 and PP613 Steel Base Pads for The Ajax CBS Sleevers?
53.   Why do you offer 2- 30 oz flannels with air bags on the Sankosha Units (PP301 and PP311)?
54.   How do you install the Unipress ABS Sleever Air Bag Covers (PP25 and PP251)?
55.   Do we have to order the PP623 Steel Base Pad if I only want to order the PP628 Flammonal/ Velcro Boot with Mesh?
56.   Why would I get lines on the back of my shirts after installing a new Ajax air bag?
57.   Why would I get wrinkles on the backs and on the bottoms of a shirt if I change the air bag and flannel each time?
58.   How thick should the steel be on a Unipress Cuff and Cover before it needs to be replaced?
59.   What is the blade covers that come with the Unipress ABS sleever air bags (PP24 and PP241) used for?
60.   Do you carry the new tapered style air bags for the Ajax 18” machines?
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