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21.   How do I install the Insulated Head Covers (IHC-)?
22.   Why would a cover and pad on a hot head unit start to fall apart in a matter of days?
23.   Why is my new press pad retaining moisture- but when I reinstall my old press pad the water isn’t retained?
24.   How long should your Pant Topper Bags last?
25.   Do you carry press pads or grid plates for “Martin” pressing machines?
26.   How many degrees will the Insulated Head Covers lower the temperature of the plant?
27.   What is the different between a “topper” and a “mushroom” dry cleaning unit?
28.   What color is your Nomex covered Utility Press pads?
29.   Why would I purchase your PP811NF Hi Temp Cover for my 54” hot head unit when it cost more than your regular PP811?
30.   What padding do you recommend for Dry Clean Utility Hot Head Machines?
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