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1.   What items do I need to have on premises in order to comply with OSHA regulations?
2.   What chemicals does the perc detector (PD1) detect?
3.   How do I obtain the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on the chemicals you carry?
4.   Will the Respirator Cartridges (HA3) work with other types and brands of Respirator Masks?
5.   What do I need to do with the “Perc” detector (PD1) if a “siren” sound is detected before a leak is pinpointed?
6.   Are the Nitrile Disposable Gloves (HAD1-) powder free?
7.   Are the Eye Goggles (HA4) ANSI approved?
8.   Do I need to have a Perc Detector on premises?
9.   Does your perc detector (PD1) detect varying levels of perc or other vapors?
10.   How long is the video in the OSHA Compliance Video/Manual (VID1)?
11.   What do I need to hook up the Eye Wash Station (EW1)?
12.   How far can the Door Bell be placed away from the Motion Detector on the Infrared Door Chime (ELC2)?
13.   What is the decibel rating of the Infrared Door Chime (ELC2)?
14.   What would make the Door Chime (ELC1) not ring as loud?
15.   Why did my perc detector (PD1) take almost 15 minutes to start working. Is that normal?
16.   Does the Steam Trap Tester Check-It Model 06116 (TEM2) ever need calibration?
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