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1.   What does “denier” mean?
2.   How many counter bags will the “wall” (BR1) or “under-the-counter” (BR2) counter bag rack hold?
3.   What are counter bags (CB_) used for?
4.   What are laundry bags (LB_) used for?
5.   Is there a way to keep shirts from getting tangled together in the wash?
6.   How many shirts should be bundled together in the rope ties (RT_)?
7.   How do you secure a rope tie (RT_)?
8.   Can screen-printed counter or laundry bags be washed and dried?
9.   Are the Counter bags (CB_, CBS_) or Laundry bags (LB_) waterproof?
10.   What is the drawstring made out of on the Counter Bags (CB-) and Laundry Bags (LB)?
11.   What is the denier of the Poly/ Cotton Laundry Bags (LB3)?
12.   How do you clean the Counter or Laundry Bags (LB, CB, CBS, CNVB)?
13.   How many garments should the Mesh Bags (MB, MS) or the regular sized Zip Net Bag (ZB1) hold for the best results when cleaning?
14.   What are the inside straps of the Zip Net Tie (ZB2) Bags used for?
15.   What is the best way to wash your ConvertaBags (CNVB)?
16.   Do your Courtesy Counter Bags (CCB1) come with a gusset?
17.   Can you adjust the size of the new 1-1/2” thick counter racks (RA17, RA16, RA15)?
18.   How large are the grommets on your counter bags (CB-)?
19.   How is the ink put on the custom mats (FTG)?
20.   How far apart are the grommets on your counter bags?
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