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41.   What needs to be done is the fastener is stuck in the Dennison® Electric Gun (EG1) and the motor becomes stuck?
42.   Why would the adhesive from identification stickers (ID_) and garment tape (GT1_) stay on the clothing?
43.   Why would the Epson ink ribbons (RIB_) stop working after a short period of time?
44.   Do we carry the Dennison brand all-metal needle?
45.   Is there a number to call to get old Ace Clipper Staplers (AC1) serviced?
46.   If it’s not recommended to use stickers (ID) or garment tape (GT1) on silk garments to point out stains, what can I use?
47.   Why do the Continuous Computer Tags COMT-1 and COMT-2) come with a hole in the center of the tag?
48.   Are your Indelible Ink Ribbons (RIB) reprocessed?
49.   Why would the print on the Thermal Paper (RCT1, RCT10, and SRCT10) be lighter than normal?
50.   How are you measuring the size of your Computer Tags (COMT1 and COMT2)?
51.   What is the best type of garment to use a TexPen® (PN3) on?
52.   Is there any way to remove TexPen® (PN3) ink from a garment?
53.   he Bostitch B8 (S81), the Bostitch P3 (S31), and the Standard Staples (STA1) show that they are all ¼”. What does that refer to?
54.   Where can I purchase a Thermopatch® Machine?
55.   Will your needles (DN1 and DN3) fit in any Dennison Gun?
56.   Can your pins be picked up with a magnet?
57.   Why are the Computer Tags (RCT30) not scored or perforated?
58.   Why would the ejector rod in a Dennison Gun (DG1) bend?
59.   Do you guarantee the staples will not rust.
60.   What stapler has a moveable plate?
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