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61.   Can you use the Dry Clean Roll Lot Tag Dispenser (TH8, TH7) for multiple rolls of the Shirt Roll Lot Tags?
62.   What is the melting point of the clear fasteners (DF-2)?
63.   Are your Straight Pins Magnetic (PI1-3)?
64.   Where can I get parts for the Arrow Staplers P22 (S22)?
65.   How do you replace the pen in the Chained Pen unit (PN10)?
66.   Are safety pins rust proof?
67.   What are the 2 holes on the bottom of the soft back invoices (IN) used for?
68.   Is there a special way to operate the Permanent Markers (PN3)?
69.   On your Alteration Tag (AT2), what does the “SP” stand for?
70.   Does the Basket Scales (SCA1, SCA2, and SCA3) read in kilos or pounds?
71.   Why is there a small hole in the corner of the Roll Lot Tags (ROLL-)?
72.   Why is there a white line that runs across the 1 Copy Thermal Hanger Logo Front Thermal Roll paper (RCT100)?
73.   Can you use the TexPens (PN3) to write on metal?
74.   What is the size of the Fast Tag (FT1) Machine”
75.   Is the ink on the Identification Stickers (ID-) indelible ink?
76.   How long should the Thermopatch ribbons (THER2) last?
77.   What is the difference between the Dennison Gun (DG1) and the Fast Tag Dennison Gun (FT2)?
78.   Can you correct older Dennison Fasteners (DF1 and DF2) that may have gotten brittle with age?
79.   How long will the Thermopatch labels stay on a garment?
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