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21.   Is there a difference between the MNR1355 or MNB1355 needles that come labeled with 135x5 vs. 135x7 system?
22.   How do I get the Tailor’s Chalk (CK1) off a garment if ironing doesn’t work?
23.   Is there a tool in the Snap Repair Kit (SRK1) that will remove snaps?
24.   Why would thread in a sewing machine break at the needle?
25.   Can the snaps in your Snap Repair Kit (SRK1) be used on leather?
26.   Why don’t you carry all the thread listed in the Gutermann Thread Chart (GTDCA)?
27.   Do the Felt Shirt Backers (FE1) have an adhesive backing of them, which will allow you to iron them on?
28.   Can you use the “western snaps” with the Snap Repair Kit (SRK1) that you sell?
29.   What ZS5NAS, colors are in your assorted packs of zipper sliders (ZS25NAS, ZS5NRAS, ZS5NRAS, ZS10NAS)?
30.   How do you crimp the top and bottom stops (ZPT and ZPB) on a zipper?
31.   Why do the Brass pant zippers (BZ45-) only have 1 top stop on 1 side of the zipper?
32.   What would be the best way to handle thread that is knotting when used in a sewing machine?
33.   Can you use Jean Thread (JTD-) instead of Upholstery Thread?
34.   What are some reasons why a new sewing machine needle would break?
35.   Do you carry a thread that will not melt of fall apart at 200 degrees?
36.   Does your snap repair kit (SRK1) have jean snaps in it?
37.   Should the backs of the shirt buttons be speckled?
38.   Can your Cover Button Kits (COBV) be used on rounded buttons?
39.   Do you carry “tailor” thimbles (THB)?
40.   Why won’t the Tailor’s Chalk (CK1) come out of a garment after using steam/heat?
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