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41.   How do you remove Tailor’s Chalk (CK1) if steam/ heat doesn’t remove it?
42.   Are the numbers on the Metal Tailors’ Rulers (TA2-9) etched in?
43.   Can your Zipper Bottom Stops (ZPB)’s be used to replace a bottom stop of a separating plastic zipper?
44.   What are our buttons made of?
45.   Can the Skirt Marker (SM1) be used on pants as well as skirts?
46.   Can the Chalk Marker Deluxe (CM1) be used on both skirts and pants?
47.   Is the (BL1) Blind Stitch Thread Fusible or Non-Fusible?
48.   Can you use a reversible zipper slider to create a reversible zipper from a regular zipper?
49.   What is the different between you Natural Imitation Pearl Buttons and your Natural Genuine Pearl Buttons?
50.   Why would elastic (EL-) shrink? And is there a way to prevent this?
51.   Why would the pliers from the Snap Repair Kit (SRK1) not fasten snaps properly?
52.   What is the best type of thread to use?
53.   You advertise 1” and 2” buckles (BUI and BUR), where do you get these measurements from?
54.   What would cause the Super Strong Buttons (BU5-BU6) to break when on a finishing machine?
55.   Can you put a plastic jacket slider on a nylon coil zipper?
56.   How do I know what size snap I currently have so I can re-order?
57.   What is the best thread for sewing in elastic?
58.   What is Spun Polyester thread? How is it different from Core Polyester Thread?
59.   Gutermann silk thread R753 (GTD8*), is it a filament or spun thread?
60.   What are the differences between scissors and shears?
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