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61.   Can you make a 1-way jacket zipper into a 2-way?
62.   What is the tensile strength of our elastic?
63.   What is the best needle size to use with the Gutermann gold/silver metallic thread W331?
64.   How to remove fusible webbing that accidently got on the fabric?
65.   Why do some of you needles have different sizes associate with them?
66.   What is the best way to take care of scissors or shears?
67.   Do you carry “rigilene” style boning?
68.   Are the grey elbow patches dark or light colored?
69.   Which chalk do you carry that is a true bright white?
70.   Which light bulb do I need for my sewing machine?
71.   Why won’t my patch-it stay on?
72.   Can you match a feed dog / line gauge with the make and model of the machine?
73.   What is the difference between a 24” French curve tailors ruler and a 24” Hip curve ruler?
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