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1.   What is the difference between the “Fold Back” and the “Glue Top” garment covers?
2.   Why do garment covers seem thicker in some batches and thinner in others?
3.   What is the difference between an “Acid Free” and an “Acid Neutral” Wedding Gown Box?
4.   When preserving wedding gowns in archival quality boxes, should the boxes be sealed with a plastic bag?
5.   How do you assemble a wedding gown in a wedding gown box?
6.   Should tape be used to seal the wedding gown boxes?
7.   What are the features or advantages of Cleaner’s Supply’s acid free tissue (TU3)?
8.   What material are Foamies™ (FC_) made of?
9.   What is the mil thickness of the comforter bags?
10.   What is the difference between the white plastic clips (SK3) and the clear plastic clips (SK4)?
11.   Why do some of the window frames on the Bridal Keepsafe® Wedding gown boxes come with a plain white, un-glossy finish?
12.   How does the One Roll Bagger (RA3) work?
13.   What causes a wedding gown to “yellow”?
14.   Why do the White Plastic Clips (SK3) cost more than the Clear Plastic Clips (SK4)? Packaging
15.   Why are there no slits in the Centsible™ Christening Gown Boxes (WED3) to secure them closed?
16.   What are the windows in the wedding gown boxes made of?
17.   Can your Foamies™ (FC_) be used with steam tunnels?
18.   Is there a part that will fix my Bagging Jack (RA3, RA4, RA6, and RA9), if it won’t stay up, or won’t come down?
19.   The Centsible® Wedding Gown Boxes (WED100 and WED200) come with cutout holes to tie the gowns down with. What do you recommend to tie the gowns down with?
20.   Does your Colored Poly (PY10BL and PY10PK) have a gusset?
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