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21.   What size folded shirt will a Flip-N-Fold (FLIP1) produce?
22.   What are the “slits” on the front of the Shoulder Guards (GA1 and GA4) used for?
23.   What are the two “flaps” on the Fold and Staple Shoulder Guards (GA2 and GA3) used for?
24.   What is the mil thickness on your Cedar Storage Bags (PY65, PY46)?
25.   Besides the Acid Free Tissue (TU3) that you carry, is any of the other tissue acid neutral?
26.   Do your Wedding Gown Boxes (WED) have handles on them to make it easier for the customers to carry?
27.   Is the print on the garment covers (GC-) water or oil based?
28.   Can your new Heavy Weight Bagging Jack (RA900) be used as a replacement on the original Combined Bagger (RA6)?
29.   How do you assemble the Wedding Gown Box Display (WEDDIS)?
30.   How do you fold shirts properly using the Shirt Boards (SHB) and bags (PY10)?
31.   What are the windows in your Wedding Gown Boxes (WED) made of?
32.   Are your plastic bags, (sweater bags (SW), shirt bags (PY)) recyclable?
33.   What size mil is our Plastic Bag (Bag12)?
34.   I am using the Plastic Collar Supports (PC1 and PC2) for hanging shirts and it seems to take a lot of time; do you have any suggestions on how to make the process go a little faster?
35.   If you are trying to preserve a wedding gown, but the gown comes with a fully padded skirt, what do you do?
36.   Will the Bagger Tray (RA12) work on both sized units?
37.   Do you recommend the breathable storage bags for furs or leathers?
38.   Is there any difference between your White Shirt Studs (STUD1WH) and the Black Shirt Studs (STUD1BK)?
39.   Does your Bagger Tray (RA12) attach onto the Heavy Duty Combined Bagger (RA600)?
40.   Do any or your wedding gown boxes have tie down holes?
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