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1.   How do you work a TexPen® (PN3_)?
2.   Is there a way to keep shirts from getting tangled when washed?
3.   What are some different ways to organize my “starch” and “no starch” shirts for laundering?
4.   What is the best way to get nap off of wool items and sweaters?
5.   What would be a good way to notify employees of the special needs of a garment?
6.   What would be a good way of raising the nap on fabrics such as corduroy, velvets, synthetic suede, etc.?
7.   Are the identification stickers (ID_) and garment tapes (GT1_) safe for all fabrics?
8.   What is new about the Dry Clean/ Laundry Pens (PN1)?
9.   What type of light bulbs does the Neon-Like Electric Signs (SI_) use?
10.   What are the 2 extra parts that come with the Collapsible Rack (RA10) used for?
11.   What is the weight capacity for the Z-Rack (RA8) and the Collapsible Rack (RA10)?
12.   What are optical brighteners?
13.   How do I determine what the size I will need when I order slick rail parts?
14.   What would cause a humming noise inside the Neon-like Electric Sign (SI-)?
15.   Do the Counter Racks (RA7) consists of two parts?
16.   How much weight will the 3-Way Clamps (RP31-36) for the slick rails hold
17.   What’s the thickness of the pipe insulation?
18.   Why is there no hole at the base of the pipe insulation tees?
19.   What does a “bushel” refer to?
20.   How do you apply the Static Cling Signs (CLI_) to a window?
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