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61.   Can the Counterfeit Bill Detector (BD1) work with Canadian currency?
62.   Can your custom printed floor mats (FTG-) be cleaned?
63.   Are the handles interchange for the (LR2) Lint Remover and (LR200) Lint Removers?
64.   How many hangers will the Car Holder (CAR1) hold?
65.   I ordered Rail Cleaner (RC1) over a year ago and the contents have turned solid, is there anything I can do?
66.   How long should the custom mats (FTG) last?
67.   How thick are the custom mats (FTG)?
68.   How does the Rack Attachment (CART4) mount onto the Laundry Cart (CARt1)?
69.   Do your Thermal Receipt Rolls (RCT) have a mark on the end of the roll to let you know when it’s time to change the roll in the printer?
70.   Why are the Poster Frames (FP1) blue?
71.   How do you install the Pipe Insulated Tees (INS100, INS300, INS600)?
72.   How do you change the fuse or the ballast in the Neon-Like Electric Sign (SI-)?
73.   What Zebra printers will your ink ribbons (RIB6) work with?
74.   Will my tex pens (PN3) dry out if the caps are not on?
75.   Why would I consider using the RT100’s over the other rope ties that you offer?
76.   Is there a sensitivity control switch on the Infrared Door Chime (ELC2)?
77.   On the Infrared Door Chime (ELC2) how long should the battery last?
78.   What would make the trolley bearings (TRB) start to leak oil or grease?
79.   Where should I go if I have further questions about the Tailwind System?
80.   Will the replacement blades (BH140) for the electric shaver BH14 fit other sweater shavers?
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