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81.   Is the RCT6 fanfold paper a thermal transfer or direct thermal and what is the difference?
82.   What is the copper thread and small weighed metal piece that comes with the SCA4 digital scale used for?
83.   Why is the print on my Thermal Paper (RCT-) poor?
84.   Why won’t my replacement tracks (SI102) stay on the face of my sidewalk sign?
85.   Why are my Thermal Invoices (RCT6) skipping a sheet when printing?
86.   Why would and Okidata Printer ribbon pop up after it finishes printing?
87.   Why does the carbon paper not go all the way down on the 2nd sheet of the 3 part invoices?
88.   Is the Sidewalk Sign SI100 adjustable?
89.   After I secure the shirts with the rope ties the loose end of the tie gets tangled with the other bundles. How do I prevent that?
90.   If your fanfold Thermal Paper a “direct thermal” or a “thermal transfer” paper.
91.   Why is it that I have extra paper left on the thermal rolls (RCT)?
92.   Approximately how many rubber bands are in a 1# bag?
93.   Do you carry a scale that also measures in kilos?
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