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21.   What is the steam pressure for the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron(IRN5) and the Hot Steam SGB600 Gravity Fed Iron (IRN17)?
22.   Why would the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron (IRN5) spit out rust colored water?
23.   What if the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron HYS-58 (IRN5) continues to spit out brown water even after cleaning?
24.   On the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron HYS-58 (IRN5) there are temperature settings. Is there a way to tell what the heat should be set at when using with different materials?
25.   In the instruction manual that comes with the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron HYS-58 (IRN5), it is suggested that “Hy-Softener” be used. Where can “Hy-Softener” be purchased?
26.   Why would iron resin (RES1) start to seep into the Naomoto Gravity Fed HYS-58 (IRN5) iron?
27.   Why would a steam electric iron (IRN1 or IRN5) get so hot that it would start to burn clothes?
28.   Why would your iron shoe’s (TF_) Teflon® base start to bubble?
29.   How do you adjust the exhaust valve on the Naomoto HSP-140 (IRN-9)?
30.   What will remove starch build-up on an iron?
31.   On the Cissell Steam Electric Iron Cord (IRN12) what wire is the ground wire?
32.   If my all steam iron is leaking near the hose nipple fitting on the iron, what could be the problem?
33.   How do you change the fuse in the Naomoto HYS-58 iron (IRN5)?
34.   How would you know which iron shoe (TF_) a Cissell All- Steam iron would use?
35.   Why would the Cissell ACA1000 iron (IRN1) heat up, but not produce any steam?
36.   Why does water or steam leak from the Cissell ACA1000 iron (IRN1) when it is not in use?
37.   What is the pick or stick used for that comes with the Naomoto Gravity fed Iron HYS-58 (IRN5)?
38.   What could be a reason that the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron HYS-58 (IRN-5) doesn’t light or heat up when plugged in?
39.   Will the Cissell ACA1000 (IRN1) iron that Cleaner’s Supply® carries hook into a European style lowboy?
40.   Why would an iron shoe (TF_) be used?
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