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41.   What iron can be used without a boiler?
42.   What is the difference between the Naomoto HSP-140 (IRN9) vs. the Naomoto HSP-410?
43.   Are the replacement parts that you carry for the Naomoto HSP410 (IRN7) the same as the parts for the Naomoto HSP-140 (IRN9)?
44.   Is EZ-Off (EZ1) as safe to use on home irons, as they are industrial irons?
45.   Why would a Cissell Steam Electric ACA1000 (IRN1) supply no steam- even if the iron were getting hot?
46.   Why would the color on a rubber hose come off?
47.   Why is the springs on the Teflon Iron Shoe (TF5) longer that the springs on the other iron shoes?
48.   Do your Teflon hoses (TEF) have a stainless steel braiding inside the hose?
49.   Why would a Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron HYS-58 (IRN5) not produce steam, and not make the traditional clicking sound when the microswitch is pressed?
50.   Do you carry the coil for the Cissell ACA1000 iron (IRN1)?
51.   What is the difference between the Cissell ACT850 and the Cissell ACT851?
52.   When investigating a water issue on an all steam iron, should the return hose on the iron, once disconnected from the return line be giving off any steam?
53.   On the Cissell ACA1000 iron (IRN1), will the fuse cut off the power if the iron gets too hot?
54.   Does the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron HYS-58 (IRN5) come with something that will allow you to hold the water bottle up?
55.   What would cause the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron (IRN5) to generate too much heat?
56.   What is the electrical approval rating on the Naomoto Gravity Fed Irons (IRN5)?
57.   I’ve tried tightening the screw on the end of the thumb switch on my Naomoto HYS-58 iron and it still keeps coming off, is there a way to fix this?
58.   I’ve tried the troubleshooting recommended for my all steam iron, but I’m still getting water? Is there anything else I’m missing?
59.   Why does my Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron HYS-58 (IRN5) give off a buzzing noise when I press the thumb switch?
60.   How do you keep water from leaking out of the all steam irons in the morning?
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