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61.   Should it be necessary to need additional or different fittings than the ones supplied with the All-Steam Hoses (TEF)?
62.   How can you eliminate steam/ jet marks caused by irons?
63.   What is the maximum temperature that the Cissell ACA1000 (IRN1) will get up to?
64.   What temperature will the Iron Rests (IR1 and IR10) withstand?
65.   What would make the fuse go out on the Cissell ACA1000 (IRN1)?
66.   What is the difference between the Cissell ACT850 (IRN2 and IRN3) and the ACT851?
67.   Where is the hose for the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron (IRN5) water bottle?
68.   Can a bad check valve give water problems to your all-steam iron?
69.   If the light on the back of the Naomoto Iron (IRN5) doesn’t come on, and the iron is not getting hot, what would be the problem?
70.   Why doesn’t my hoses fit on as well to the exhaust valve of the Cissell ACT850 (IRN2/ IRN3) as they do to the steam supply side?
71.   Can the (BKBH6) Black Beauty Hose be used with the Cissell Steam Electric Iron (IRN1)?
72.   What is the replacement hose for the (IRN6) Sapporo All Steam Iron?
73.   How much does the (IRN51) Naomoto Water Bottle weigh when full?
74.   Can I put 2 (TEF) 7-foot Iron hoses together?
75.   Why would boiling noises come from the Gravity Fed Iron HYS58 (IRN5)?
76.   Can you give me the Iron Hoses’(TEF) specifications?
77.   How do you tighten the handle on the Naomoto and Kyoto All- Steam Irons (IRN14, IRN15, IRN16, and IRN9)?
78.   Does your Hot Steam Gravity Fed Iron (IRN17) have an induction valve?
79.   What is the leather strap that comes with the Hot Steam Gravity Fed Iron (IRN17) used for?
80.   Can you supply a longer steam iron hose (TEF)?
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