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81.   What is the maximum steam pressure to be used on an all-steam iron?
82.   How long is the electric cord on the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron (IRN5)?
83.   How do you tighten the handle on the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron (HYS5)?
84.   Now that Cissell is no longer in business, where can I go if I have mechanical/ technical application questions?
85.   When was the first Cissell All-Steam iron made?
86.   Are All-Steam Irons interchangeable?
87.   What do the different colored wires for in the Cissell Electric Cord (IRN12) do in regards to the ACA1000 iron?
88.   Why does my Hi-Steam self-contained iron (IRN19, IRN18) spit steam when I start to use it.
89.   Why does my self-contained iron leak water?
90.   We are using distilled water with our gravity feed iron instead of the resin. Do I still need to regularly clean out the chamber?
91.   How do you install the temperature dial (IRN511) for the Naomoto HYS-58?
92.   Where can I find the model number on my Cissell All Steam Iron?
93.   Why would the Naomoto Gravity Fed Iron make a buzzing noise when the thumb switch is pressed?
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