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1.   How do you use the spray starch sizing (SIZ1)?
2.   Can the (SIZ1) spray starch/sizing be used in the machines?
3.   How much steam pressure does the Jiffy Steamer J4000 (JIF1) give off?
4.   Do you carry replacement parts for the Jiffy Steamer J4000 (JIF1)?
5.   What is the warranty of the Jiffy Steamer J4000 (JIF1)?
6.   What are some of the special features of the Jiffy Steamer J4000 (JIF1) model?
7.   How much heat can Nomex® withstand?
8.   Why don’t you carry the Insulated Head Covers (IHC-) for the hot head units?
9.   Where can I find the model number on my Forenta pressing unit?
10.   How do I ensure the longevity of the Unipress Air Bags?
11.   Why would a new press pad hold water, but when the old used pad is put back on it doesn’t hold water?
12.   What would be a reason for lines along the sides of the shirts and under the arms on a Unipress CSB/ CDB/ CSBV/ CSDV unit?
13.   What does the Perc Detector (PD1) come with?
14.   What is the best way to install a Utility or Pant Press Pad?
15.   How do you install a grid plate?
16.   Why would the water guns (WG1, WG2) burst or bubble?
17.   Why would the hot head covers start to fall apart after only a couple of days use?
18.   Why would a spotting board vacuum not absorb water?
19.   What is the best way to order a puff iron pad and cover, if you can’t find the model number on the machine?
20.   Why would the Collar and Cuff Scrub (SCR1) leave yellow marks on garments?
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