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21.   Where can I find the laundry baskets that you sell the liners (RL-) for?
22.   From what animal are the spotting bones (BON1) made from?
23.   Why would a press pad be retaining water?
24.   What is the advantage to purchasing the Airbags cover for the Ajax with the metal rope, versus the Ajax Airbag without the metal rope?
25.   Why does the Perc Detector (PD1) beep continually?
26.   Can the Spray Starch Sizing (SIZ1) be diluted to make it even lighter?
27.   Where can slick rails be found?
28.   How can I contact Stamford to ask questions about their spotting chemicals?
29.   Why would the side air bags on a Hoffman Body Air Cover #HSBCV/ HDSCV (PP1) not expand out fully?
30.   Will using the Wrap-A-Trap (WAT1) affect the efficiency of my steam trap?
31.   What would be the best way to clean out the Jiffy Steamer (JIF1)?
32.   Why would a Jiffy Steamer (JIF1) “spit” water?
33.   What would cause a grid plate to “leak” water?
34.   When should an Iron Hose (TEF_) be replaced?
35.   Do you carry the Form Finisher (PP10) with the inner adjustment strings?
36.   What would cause a press pad to display abnormal shrinkage?
37.   Can you hook up the water guns (WG1, WG2) to any water source?
38.   Why does the flannel rolled goods (PP32) sometimes come in a thinner roll?
39.   Why would the nylon covers on a laundry press fall apart prematurely?
40.   Do you carry the larger replacement tips for the Spotting Guns (SG1)?
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