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61.   Is there an adjustment that can be made to keep the exhaust valves on all steam irons from leaking steam prematurely?
62.   Does it make a difference as to which hose the Black Beauty (BKBH) or the Steam Hose (SG3, SG4) a person operating the Cissell ACA1000 uses?
63.   How do you use the Tie Forms (FO1 and FO2)?
64.   What would cause a water gun to leak upon first installation (WG1, WG2)?
65.   What is the difference between Starch and Sizing (SIZ1)?
66.   Is the SG4 tip the same tip that is on the Spotting Gun (SG1)?
67.   Can the Pressure Gauge (PG1) be used with live steam?
68.   Why does my press pad have a strong foam rubber smell?
69.   Can you adjust the pressure on a pressure reducing valve (RV or CRV) when the steam is on?
70.   Can you use the Collar and Cuff Scrub (SCR1) for dry clean items?
71.   Do you carry “double-faced” flannel?
72.   Why does my (GPN) Nomex Grid Plate not press well on cotton?
73.   Is there a way to take the Spray Starch Sizing (SIZ1) out of Ironing Board Covers?
74.   If I received the Spray Starch/Sizing (SIZ1), and it was frozen, will it work after being thawed?
75.   What are the covers of our press pads made of?
76.   Do you recommend your water guns (WG1, WG2, CIS2, CIS1) for use on a pre-spotting tank?
77.   Can you use the Sizing Bottle (SIZ2) for other chemicals besides sizing or starch?
78.   Where can I get the spotting bottles to use with the TO2 bottle toppers?
79.   Can you wash the sleeve board covers (BO2)?
80.   Will the replacement spotting gun tips (SG4 and SG5) work with the New Industrial Spotting Gun (SG10)?
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