Our headquarters in
Conklin, NY (pop. 6,265)
Our Neck of the Woods

There may not be a lot going on in our corner of the universe - besides the gas station, the local market and our favorite pizza place, we are about the only other building around.

But who says small towns can't have big ideas?

When we started out, from modest beginnings in our little Upstate New York town, we learned very quickly that we weren't going to be able to survive solely on distributing our products to dry cleaners in our limited geographic area. Hence, the idea of selling products direct, nationwide, on much lower markups really evolved.

And it's no coincidence that our second distribution center, located on the West Coast, is in Nevada. With lower rent and overhead, it enables us to keep our costs low.

Over the years, Cleaner's Supply® has brought something a little different to the industry, and our mantra is simple - to provide our customers with reliable, dependable products at a tremendous value with great service to boot. That's a vision we've had from the beginning and one that still holds true today.

We'd love to hear from you. So give us a call! Ask a question, place an order or even give us a suggestion of how we can serve you better.

From Our Neck of the Woods to Yours -

Jeff Schapiro