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Equipment for Sale – Pressing

Presses For Sale - Pant & Utility, Unipress Forenta & Ajax

Qty of (6) Utility and Pant Presses. All were in service this November 2019. Bought new equipment and no longer need these. Pads are all fairly new, and these were fully operational when removed. Buy one or buy the lot. Use them as-is, or buy to rebuild and resell. Prices are negotiable, but keep in mind, they're not junk! Unipress DC46S Pant Double Leg Unipress 46X Pant Unipress 46X Pant Forenta 461SURM Pant Unipress SDL46 Utility Unipress 42RX Utility Ajax DCB45C Pant



Manufacturer Unipress Forenta Ajax
Model: 46X DC46S SDL46 42RX 461SURM DCB45C
Condition: Used
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date posted: 12/30/19
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