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The most important procedure in the Dry Cleaning process is to list every item on an Invoice, then attach Tags to them, so you can keep track of them from start to finish. To help you do this, we offer many types, styles, shapes and colors of every possible Tag, Form and Invoice that you may need.

When customers drop off their laundry, the first thing you do is list everything on an Invoice. So, we carry 3-Part NCR Invoices—Dry Cleaning, Shirts, General or Blank, or you can have them Custom Printed—and we even print Bar Codes! We also have 2- or 3-Part Blank and Custom Printed Dry Clean or Shirt Invoices with Carbon—and each one has eight Tags attached.

And we have Thermal Fanfold Forms; Laser Sheets; Pin-Fed Continuous Computer Forms—Custom Printed too; Thermal/NCR & Bond Receipt Rolls; Thermal Receipt Rolls for Credit Card Machines; and Custom Printed Thermal Receipt Rolls. For items requiring customer permission to clean, you will need a Release Form. We have them for Curtains/Draperies; Silk/Satin; Suede/Leather; Wet Cleaning or just a General Release. There are times you will want to inform your customers about possible “issues,” like Button Removal or Stains that will not come out, so you will need a Note Form.

But when it comes to Tags for keeping track of items during the cleaning process, we've got em' all! Starting with Dry Cleaning and Shirt Piece Tags; Pad Tags™ & Pad Shirt Tags™; Strip Books; 7- and 9-Up Shirt Tags; or Roll Lot® Shirt and Dry Cleaning Tags.

We also have Instruction Tags—English, Spanish & French; Day Tags; Clip-N-Tags®; Net Tags; Hanger Tags; Door Hanger Tags; Button Hole Tags; Repair Tags; Identification Stickers and more!

We stock some miscellaneous items for you too, such as: Ink Ribbons—for your printers; Thermopatch Products—Kits/Ink Ribbons/Tapes/Labels; Dispensers for many of our Tags and Invoices; Heat Seal Machines—Custom Printed Labels & Accessories; One-Item Stickers or Twist Ties; Invoice File Holders—Wall-Mount or Counter Top, and Panels; Rail Convertors; and finally, Indelible Ink Pens and Permanent Markers.

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