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Cleaner's Supply strives to furnish you with all the Custom Printed Products that you need in your daily business operation, and we guarantee great low prices and quick turn-around times on all custom printing. Need some custom printed Bags? We have a wide variety of bags in several sizes, materials, and colors (and we know that you needed them yesterday, so we'll do our best to rush them!) How about a beautiful Custom Printed Floor Mat to greet your customers? We have them in 3 sizes and 24 colors. And that's just the beginning! What about some Custom Printed Garment Covers to protect your customer's newly-cleaned clothes? We offer them in 17" or 20", Glue Top or Fold Back, and you can print 2 colors on one or both sides. When it comes to Custom Printed Tags or Invoices, Cleaner's Supply can fill all of your needs, from Custom Heat Seal Labels, Continuous Pin-Fed Computer Forms, Thermal Receipt Rolls, Instruction Tags, to our very popular Custom Printed Invoices.  We have a huge selection of Invoices--for Dry Cleaning or Shirts--Carbon Paper or NCR--with tags attached or without, and we can even print Bar Codes on them! Do you need help designing a bag or logo? Our Graphics Team is here to help you with great ideas and designs. Whatever your needs are for Custom Printing, don't wait for months from your local printer, call Cleaner's Supply for fantastic prices and a quick turn-around time that you will not believe. And with all of our Custom Printed Products, there is never a charge for shipping, standard artwork or plate set-up. Please call our Custom Printing Department at 1-800-224-5239 with any questions, or to place an order.

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