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You've worked hard to clean your customer's garments, and when they leave your store you want those garments to have a professional look. So top them off with a crisp-looking Garment Cover, to give them that perfect "touch".  Our Garment Covers are available in 3 versions and 2 sizes: 17" Glue Top; 20" Glue Top and 20" Fold Back, 2,500 per box. We offer a wide variety of designs including: "Dry Cleaners Giving Hope" (for Breast Cancer Awareness); "We Clean Your Clothes Eco-Friendly"; "Land of the Free--Home of the Brave"; "Thank You"; "We Love Our Customers" and several of our own professionally-designed Garment Covers. The paper used to make all of our Garment Covers is .0025" - .003" thick, providing a durable, protective cover for your garments, that is recyclable. Interested in promoting your business by printing your company name, address, phone number and logo on Garment Covers? We offer Custom Printed Garment Covers in 17" & 20", Glue Top or Fold Back, and 2 ink colors printed on one side or both sides. And we give you free shipping, standard artwork and no plate set-up fees with all of our Custom Printed Products. Please call our Custom Printing Department at 1-800-224-5239 for pricing and details.

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