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Parts are what keep your machines running smoothly and efficiently, and therefore, help you maintain a profitably-run business. To help you do this, Cleaner's Supply has an amazing inventory of Parts!

Let's start with Valves. We offer: Reducing; Swing Check; Spring Check; Ball; Blow Down; Tricock; Angle; Whistle; Pig Tail; Buck; Air Vacuum; Perc; Humphrey Dump/Exhaust/Air; Strainer w/Ball Valve; Strainer w/Plug; Water Gauge w/Ball Valves; and more! We also carry a supply of Parts for Head Valves, Air Vacuum Valves, Buck Valves, and Spotting Board Valves.

Machine and Iron Parts are also very necessary for a smooth-running operation. We have parts for many Irons—from Fuses to Water Bottles—including Lowboy Irons; and Parts for Machines such as: Puff Irons; Form Finishers; and Replacement Parts for Ajax®, Unipress®, Hoffman® and other machines. We also have: Non-Stick Steam Connector Hoses; Dacron® Steam Hoses; High-Pressure Boiler Glass; Topog-E® Boiler Gaskets; Pressure Gauges; Float Parts; Thermometers; Air Line Filters; and a few miscellaneous items like: Tamco Boiler Treatment—to prevent mineral build-up; Parker Super O-Lube®—for O-ring lubrication; a variety of Machine Light Bulbs; Hose Clamps; Perfect Putty™; Pipe Tape and Tuf-Glide® Thread Sealant. And let's not forget Pumps! We have Burks® Pumps—from ½ HP to 1½ HP; Burks® Perc Transfer Pumps; Burks® Cooling Pumps; and several Parts and Repair Kits.

As many of you know, if a Steam Trap goes bad, most of your operation gets shut down! To prevent that, use one of our Trap Testers and you'll always know the status of every Trap. When a Trap does go bad, we have top-quality, name-brand Traps like: Armstrong; Rapid Steam™; and United Brass (And we can get it to you overnight, for an extra charge.) We also have Rebuild Kits for several Steam Traps and our Wrap-A-Trap™, made of Nomex®, wraps around and attaches to hot Steam Traps and protects workers from burns. And speaking of hot steam and workers getting burned, don't forget Pipe Insulation for all steam lines, and Pipe Labels to correctly identify every line.

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