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When customers drop off their dry cleaning, you begin a Check In procedure that requires the use of many products.

It begins with an Indelible Ink Pen for filling out an Invoice. And for Invoices, we have over 20 different types and sizes, including Custom Printed. We have 3-Part NCR Invoices for Dry Cleaning or Shirts; Custom Printed 3-Part NCR Invoices; and 2- or 3-part Tag Invoices w/carbon paper, and eight tags attached. We also carry Pin-Fed Computer Forms—Blank or Custom Printed; Thermal Fanfold Forms; Laser Sheets; Thermal Receipt Rolls; Custom Printed Thermal Receipt Rolls; NCR & Bond Receipt Rolls; Continuous Computer Tags and Blank Rolls—to create your own tags.

Need Computer Ink Ribbons? We have them for several name-brand printers! And to keep your Credit Card Machine clean and operating correctly, we recommend our Credit Card Reader Cleaners.

After inventorying your customer’s laundry and filling out the Invoice, you have to attach a Tag to each item. We have three choices for attaching tags: Staples and Staplers; Dennison® Tagging Guns; or Safety Pins.

Now you have to attach the Tag. Whatever kind of tag you need, and whatever cleaning method you're using, we have the tag you need! And sometimes, you'll have a garment that needs special attention, so we have over seventy Instruction Tags and 16 Identification Stickers, or simply put a piece of Garment Tape on the spot or repair.

We have 3 options for protecting Buttons during the cleaning process: Button Foil; Button Slips or Button Shields. Next, while checking the pockets in your customer’s garments, you find a valuable item, so now you're going to need one of our Safe and Secure™ Bags to put it in until your customer returns. And if your customer brought in just one item to be cleaned, we have "One Item" stickers or Twist Ties that can alert your staff that this is the only garment. Now, the Check In Procedure is complete.

But there's one last product we can't forget, and that is our Anti-Fatigue Mats that employees stand on all day long. Employee comfort and safety is very important. Therefore we carry Economy Mats for wet areas—in Foam Rubber, or Premium Mats—made of Nitrile Rubber—for wet or dry areas and are also chemical resistant.

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